Journal #40
Happy Friday. I know it has been an interesting week, just think only about a month left of school. Today we will spend the start of class talking about suicide and doing one last review of depression. From there we will start to take a proactive approach to mental health by talking about esteem! I hope you brought your cards as we will begin our activity at the end of class today. Enjoy your weekend.
1. Define clinical depression.
2. If you are a friend to someone who is struggling with mental health what should you do?
3. What are two typical treatments to help people cope with depression?
4. Why are drugs and alcohol not a good idea for people who suffer from mental imbalance?

Journal #39
Today we will start to talk about depression and suicide. Though this is hard topic to talk about it is necessary. Please pay attention and be engaged. We will move on from this topic after today. Good luck on your upcoming MCA's. Have a great day. Oh, please do not forget to get your cards!
1. What is everyday leadership, and why is it important?
2. What is conflict, how is it usually handled?
3. Define assertiveness. Why is it important to learn how to be assertive?
4. How do you define depression, how do you think you should handle depression if you were suffering from it. How do you think you should handle it if your friend was suffering from it?

Journal #38
Today we will start a hodgepodge of topics.... We will start with communication, conflict, then assertiveness. We will end our talk today about how to be proactive in the fight against poor mental health. Could the answer be leadership? Please do not forget to be getting your cards, your MCA's are on Thursday. Have a great day.
1. What does it take to have proper communication?
2. What are the three ways to handle anger?
3. What does it mean to have an anxiety disorder? Give an example.
4. In your own words take a guess at what everyday leadership means.

Journal #37
Today we are goin to talk about anxiety and anger. The class time will go quickly please be sure to keep up. BEFORE THURSDAY I NEED YOU TO GET FOUR THANK YOU CARDS AND 4 STAMPS FOR CLASS TIME. THE CARDS CAN ALSO BE BLANK.
1. What are the 4 main categories of stress?
2. Define anxiety.
3. Why is stress good in some cases?
4. What is a major disadvantage of approaching a stress head on?
5. Please get out the stress packets that we worked on last week and spend 5 min completing them.

Journal #36
Today we will start notes on mental health regarding stress. We will follow up notes with our last installment of Patch Adams. Have a great day.
1. Name the top two things that create stress in your life.
2. What actually is stress?
3. What can you personally do to avoid stress?
4. Is it possible to live a stress free life?

Journal #35
Today we wrap up and review the Cardiovascular system. Your test is on Wednesday! For 4th block this is the last time I will see you until next Tuesday, as I fly out half way through the school day. Once we take part in our kahoot, I will go over what to expect when I am gone as well as to hand out the cardio review sheet. Good luck.
1. Name 5 structures of the heart.
2. Give me the breakdown of blood.
3. What is also known as the silent killer. why?
4. When our muscles need more oxygen how does our heart accommodate this?

Journal #34
Wednesday, enjoy your break! I hope you get to spend some time with family and have a little fun. Today we will talk a little more about the Cardiovascular system, with a focus on general blood type. Once our notes are completed you will take a short quiz and complete a follow up activity. Good job this week.
1. Give me the blood recipe. (What is in blood, general %)
2. What is hemoglobin?
3. Why are capillaries awesome?
4. What do arteries feed into?

Journal #33
Tuesday, only one more day before break! Today we will continue to talk cardiovascular with a focus on the blood and it's vessels. You will have a good amount of time to work on your anatomy at the end of class. At this point you should have down 10 pieces of anatomy and be ready for your "packet" quiz on Wednesday.
1. Name 4 structures of the heart.
2. What are the major functions of the cardiovascular system?
3. What is the lymphatic system?
4. What are the two types of circulation?

Journal #32
Monday, get ready for a action packed quick week. Do not forget that you have off starting on Thursday for your holiday break. Today we will start the cardiovascular unit. This is your last "taught" body system so get excited. The only down fall is that we will have a break right in the middle of our curriculum, sorry it can not be helped. We will get done most of the notes this week, then wrap up and take part in a review on the Tuesday you get back. I will be leaving for meetings on that Wed when you have your exam. Today we will start notes and begin working on a heart color sheet.
1. What is the purpose of the heart?
2. Tell me three structures that make up the cardiovascular system.
3. What are some things that blood does for the body?
4. Name two structures of the heart.

Journal #31
Thursday, today we will wrap up our nervous system. We will complete notes by talking about the human skin. We will then take some time to kahoot and take part in the written review, test and motivator on Friday. Please do not forget that your two assignments are also due on Friday.
1. Name the three main sections of the brain.
2. What are the 4 major lobes of the brain?
3. What are the two structures in the limbic system that we are discussing? What do they do?
4. What part of the brain is responsible for speech?

Journal #30
Wednesday, today we will get a little closer to finishing the nervous system. If you missed yesterday you will need to make up the notes from yesterday as well as to take part in the written activity from yesterday's class, it is due on Friday. Today we will take a few notes, complete the last 10 min of Pushing The Limits. We will also begin a follow up activity that will also be due on Friday. Test is on Friday so be ready.
1. How do drugs work in the nervous system.
2. What is known as the reward system?
3. Name two neurotransmitters.
4. Name the three main sections of the brain and their function.

Journal #29
Tuesday, hopefully you are a little more excited than yesterday! Today will be a carbon copy of yesterday's class. We will take a few notes do a bit of work on "Gage" and finish class with Pushing the Limits. Please keep up your studying this week, the end of quarter is near.
1. What does somatic mean?
2. What type of neuron are we focusing on?
3. Using correct terminology explain how neurons work... basically explain the football parallel from yesterday.
4. Name two parts of the brain.

Journal #28
Welcome back, hope you had a great weekend. Nice to be able to enjoy 50 degree weather. Today we will continue to talk about the nervous system. We will focus on the neuron itself as well as it's function in the body. We will follow up lecture with the start of this units "Pushing The Limits." We should be covering the nervous system for the better part of this week.

1. What are the three main parts of the nervous system?
2. Does your nervous system function mostly on electric or chemical?
3. Name two sensory receptors.
4. What evokes a reaction either internally or externally?

Journal #27
Today we will begin the nervous system. Only three body systems left, so keep up the good work! The nervous system is a bit more involved than the digestive so you may have to pick up your study habits a bit this next week. Enjoy your weekend, see you all on Monday.
1. What are some major structures of the nervous system?
2. What is the purpose of the nervous system?
3. How do we increase or decrease the speed in which our nervous system functions?

Journal #26
Today we wrap up our digestive system. We will Kahoot today which will be followed by our test. We will move on to the nervous system Friday.
1. Is a UTI viral or bacterial?
2. What is the most common UTI?
3. Name the 4 main structures of the excretory system.
4. What are nephrons?
5. What is the main waste product of urine?

Journal #25
I am looking forward to seeing your projects! Once your project is completed we will talk about the urinary system. We will Kahoot on Thursday and take our Digestive test.
1. What are the three main reasons constipation may occur?
2. What may be caused by a person becoming and alcoholic?
3. What structure holds material inside the stomach?
4. What structures absorb nutrients in the small intestine?

Journal #24
Today will be a carbon copy of yesterday's class. However the material will cover mostly disorders of the digestive system and possibly a start on the urinary system.
You will again have 25 min or so to work on your project. I am looking forward to seeing them.
1. What happens in the small intestine?
2. What happens in the large intestine?
3. What does the liver do for us?
4. What stores bile?
5. What does pancreatic enzyme do?

Journal #23
Today we will continue to talk digestive system. Following our notes you will have about 20 -30 min to meet with your partner and to work on your project. As of now your projects are due on Wed. with your test being on Thursday.
1. What are the 5 flavor receptors of the mouth? Where are they generally located?
2. Where is the first major chemical breakdown of food occur at?
3. What is the process of moving food down the GI tract called?
4. A bolus converts into what?
5. What structure keeps food inside the stomach?

Journal #22
Get ready to enjoy a long weekend, the weather even looks decent! Today we will continue on with our digestive discussion. Once we are done with our notes I will be introducing you to your assignment for the week. Remember that if you choose to work in a group, you are responsible for that group! I believe we will have time to go through a few examples of the assignments at the end of class.

1. What are the two types of digestion that occur in the body?
2. What role do salivary glands play in the mouth?
3. What does food turn into once it is moistened and swallowed?
4. Name the main salivary glands.
5. Is there a lot of chemical breakdown to food when it is in the mouth?

Journal #21
Today our classes will still be a little split. For second block you will finally complete pushing the limits. Following pushing the limits we will start our digestive unit. Fourth block will complete our quiz, and begin our digestive unit. If we have any extra time we will watch a bit of pushing the limits.

1. What is digestion, why do we need to digest?
2. What are some major organs involved in digestion?
3. What actually causes the process of digestion.

Journal #20
Today we will wrap up our respiratory unit. We will focus on disorders of the respiratory system. Once we complete notes we will work on a follow up worksheet. On Tuesday we will play kahoot, complete our work sheet, and take a short quiz. If there is any time left we will watch the rest of our pushing the limits. Our digestive unit will start Wednesday. Drive safe on the way home, see you on Tuesday.
1. Where does gas exchange take place?
2. What engulfs the structures mentioned in question 1?
3. How are cavities formed?
4. What is the "google translate" of the eye?
5. What are photo receptors?

Journal #19
Today we will wrap up our lecture portion of the optical unit. You will have time to complete yesterdays activity and also take a bit of time at the end of the class period to view pushing the limits. We will move on to the respiratory system on Friday. Enjoy the day.

1. What are two of the most important pieces of information to take away from our dental unit?
2. What is the iris?
3. What is the sclera?
4. What is the main job of the cornea?

Journal #18
Today we will wrap up our dental unit and begin on optical. Please turn in your dental worksheet at this time. Once we get to optical we will have a few small assignments and also some film time with Pushing the Limits. Optical should take us till the end of Thursday. Enjoy the day.

1. How do cavities form?
2. Name and define 3 parts of the tooth.
3. How many grams equal a teaspoon of sugar.
4. What are the two reasons soda is soooooo bad for your teeth?

Journal #17
Today we will start on our short dental unit. This next health chapter is based on three mini units, dental, optical, respiratory. This will be a nice break from the last two units that we have covered. The make up test will be offered on Thursday of this week. Please see me if you want to take the re-test. The one hiccup this week is on Tuesday. You are taking the ACT and will not have class for 2nd block. For those in 4th block we will be doing a fun alternative activity so that you are not completely burned out after the test. Have a great week, looks like nice weather.

1. List any anatomy of the tooth that you know.
2. What are three ways to maintain your dental health.
3. What are your thoughts on drinking soda? Is it bad, if so how bad. Is it good, if so why, explain your answer

Journal #16
Today you will receive your tests back and begin to doddle into our next unit. As I told you before these next few units will be a nice break from the first two. You do have an option to retake the last test, we will talk dates on Monday. Next Tuesday is the ACT, please know that I will not be holding a "normal" class for those that will not be taking the ACT, there are to many people gone. 4th block we will do the same as second block just so you don't go crazy after that test. If you have not turned in your assignment yet please do so now. Have a great weekend.

Write a paragraph on your thoughts on our speaker yesterday. We will be discussing this at length to start our class.

Journal #15
Hope you enjoyed the long weekend, and had a safe trip to school today. Today we will review and our test will be Thursday. Please review your anatomy.
1. Give an example of a first class lever.
2. What does muscle use for energy... the by product is lactic acid.
3. What does origin and insertion mean?
4. What joins smooth muscle together?

Journal #14
Good week everybody. Today you will get a break from lecture. Following our motivator you will have time to complete your research on a muscle of your choice, this is due Wednesday. Enjoy the long weekend.
1. What is synergy?
2. What does origin mean?
3. Name 3 muscles of the arm.
4. Name and define two common injuries.

Journal #13
Thursday, we are headed to the end of the week. Today we will wrap up the rest of our notes on the muscular system. We will also begin the process of reviewing our notes and anatomy to get ready for our exam on Wednesday. Friday's class will be a work day on a muscle assignment. Enjoy the day.

1. What is actin and myosin?
2. Name the muscles of the quad.
3. Name the muscles of the hamstring.
4. Explain the cori-cycle.

Journal #12
Wednesday. Today will go very quickly. We are going to start by going over our anatomy and adding the portions of our leg. We will then follow up our review with a few quick notes. After about 10 min of study time you will then take your quiz. We will end with Pushing The limits. It looks like our test will be next Tuesday so be ready.

1. What is ATP?
2. What is Lactic Acid?
3. Are carbohydrates bad? Why?
4. Name 4 muscles of the arm.
5. Name 3 muscles of the back.

Journal #11
Tuesday. Today we will talk about what goes on inside the muscle, what it is and what powers it. Jointly we will be reviewing anatomy and levers as well as adding the anatomy of the arm. Should be a pretty busy day, but if we have time we will conclude class with 10 min of Pushing the Limits. Please do not forget that you have a quiz on Wednesday. (Anatomy of the trunk and face / levers)

1. Name 4 muscles of the trunk.
2. A wheel borrow is an example of what class lever?
3. Muscles always work in groups of how many?
4. What does an abductor do?
5. What does plantar flexion mean?

Journal #10
Welcome back, hope you had a great weekend. I never get sick, but this flu that is going around got me and my son this weekend, so be careful and remember to wash your hands. Today we will get back to muscles. The agenda is to review our muscles of the face and move on to the trunk. Jointly we will be taking part in some hands on learning about levers. There will be a quiz on Wed. regarding muscles and levers so please review.

1. Draw out an example of 1st 2nd and 3rd class levers.
2. Name three muscles of the face.
3. Why do we use levers?
4. Where in the body could I find a fulcrum?
5. Why is it good to have a long lever when dealing with lever systems?

Journal #9
Friday, glad to see you made it through another week. Today we will continue to discover a bit more about the muscular system most of our time will be spent talking about levers. For anatomy we will focus on the muscles of the face and neck. We will end class once again with 15 min of pushing the limits! Have a great weekend, see you Monday.

1. Name the three categories of muscle.
2. What are two reasons muscles are important to the body?
3. What are intercalated disks?
4. Explain a heart contraction to me.
5. Which type of muscle is voluntary?

Journal #8
Congratulations on completing the first unit of Health 11. All in all not to bad. Those of you that did not turn in your one assignment, do that NOW! I will not accept them after Friday. Today you will get your tests back. Instead of re-taking the test, everyone will have the option to do test corrections at home this evening. They will be due on Friday when you walk in the door. Simply put a line through the wrong answer and answer it correctly. You will be given partial credit for every one that is answered and turned in. We will go through the opening notes of the muscular system today and you will receive your anatomy packets so prepare yourself. We will wrap up class with pushing the limits if time.

1. Name 5 muscles of the body.
2. What is the point of muscle?
3. What is muscle?
4. What are the three main categories of muscle?

Journal #7
Review Day. Get ready for the big first test. At this time if you have not turned in your assignment please do so. Those of you that did, you should have received an email regarding your grade. Today we will take a practice quiz, instead of a normal journal, you will turn them in, but they are not graded. They are for informational purposes. After our practice quiz we will Kahoot, and take a written practice test. Please study a bit tonight. Have a great day.

Journal #6
This is a big week, so be prepared. We will have our first test on Wednesday. As I told you before it is a tough one due to all the anatomy. Everyone has done a nice job up to this point so keep up the good work on your studies. Today we will wrap up our notes, we still need to cover vertebrae and joints. From there we will watch a short "Educational Movie" on bones, as well as an introductory to muscle. We will end the class with a bit of anatomy study time. Please do not forget to use your on-line resource.

1. Name the bones of the carpals.
2. Name and define two types of breaks.
3. What does articulate mean in reference to bone?
4. What is the meniscus?
5. If I was learning to snowboard, and when I went to fall caught myself with my hands, what possible break could I occur?

Journal #5
For lecture today we will focus on breaks and add a bit of new vocabulary having to do with parts of the bone. Don't forget tom. is a workday to complete your first assignment of the semester.

1. What are stem cells? Explain completely.
2. Name 5 bones of the carpals.
3. Where can I find sesmoid bones?
4. What are three things that bone marrow produces?
5. Why are red blood cells so important?

Journal #4
Hope you had a good evening. We are really going to get down to work today. We will continue on with notes and introduce bones of the carpals. You will then have a good chunk of class for study purposes as well as our quiz. Please make sure to keep up with your anatomy, your test is early next week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

1. What type of bone does the radius fall into?
2. What type of bones are the carpals and tarsals?
3. Your bones are made up of two main types of minerals, what are they?
4. Your bone also is made up of two types of tissue, one the strong exterior, the other the supportive interior, what are they?

Journal #3

Congratulations... it's Tuesday! We will be studying a few sections of the skeletal system today with a focus on the "types" of bones found in the body. As far as anatomy is concerned we will take a look at the vertebral column, and foot. You will have another good chunk of study time to get ready for your quiz on Wednesday.

1. What are the two main sections of your skeleton?
2. Name 5 bones of the skull.
3. What is the difference between a ligament and a tendon?
4. Name the 4 main ligaments of the knee.
5. What is your meniscus?

Journal #2

Good first day on Friday. If you struggle with these journal quesitons, make sure you have a good handle on them by the end of today's class. If not you will have to pick up the pace on your own time. Today we will focus on anatomy of the knee and typical ACL surgery. We will then move on to talk about anatomy of the cranium. The good news is that you can relax for the first 10 min as we watch a quick crash course that covers a lot of Friday's information. Be on the lookout for a short anatomy quiz at the end of the day Wednesday, we will talk more about this later today.

1. Another name for bone makers?
2. What are two reasons that you are not fully ossified at birth?
3. What are two things that you would find in a joint that produces large movement?
4. Name 10 bones that you are currently responsible for.

Journal #1

Today we get started for real. We will start our skeletal system / anatomy section of our class. I will go fairly slow for this unit, but with that said you have to be very diligent during your work time and or study time at home to keep up with you skeletal anatomy. Please do not get overwhelmed, we will go over about 10 or so new pieces of anatomy per day. I give you all the information up front in case you want to work ahead. Let's try to have a little fun here, and get off on the right foot. Today we will do a little lecture with a good chunk of work time so that we can continue work on your color packets and your online resource.

(Remember, with your journal questions do the best you can we will go over them)
1. Why do we have a skeletal system? Give at least three reasons.
2. How many bones in the human body?
3. What holds bones together?
4. Name 10 bones in the human bod