1st day of class

Welcome to your workstation tab... the tab you most likely will not love this semester. But put a smile on, and do the best you can. Remember to turn all of your work in on time, it is important! This tab will have a lot of resources and work posted for you to complete through out our time together.
You know those note cards that are on your desk, please flip them to the back and complete the following questions. Don't worry you can not get them wrong, unless you do not answer them.

1. Favorite food, or something that you eat very often
2. Favorite thing to drink... do not be the funny guy and put beer!
3. Favorite hobby or thing to do... non sport
4. Favorite sport to watch or play
5. Do you think you need a health class? Why or Why not.
6. Do you think health is important? Why or why not.
7. What are the top 4 most important things in your life... list them in order of importance.

----- Also under your name on the front of the card please tell me who you live with (parent / parents) and the best number to reach them at! -----

Hold on to these cards.... you will need to write down 4 more items once we go over this audio.

Skeletal System

Evrett Injury read.doc

The link below is an online resource that we will be using throughout this quarter. We will walk through it on day one. Use it in conjunction with your anatomy sheets. You will use this during your study time and during your skeletal build time. You must create a login (use your school email) and try not to forget your password! This is a very good resource.


review Sheet.pdf

Muscular System

lever worksheet.pdf

Muscle Test Review.pdf

Optical Unit

the eye.pdf (Anatomy Sheet)
http://colorvisiontesting.com/color2.htm (Colorblind article)
http://www.ehow.com/how-does_4564464_glasses-work.html (How glasses Work Article)
http://kidshealth.org/kid/talk/qa/eyes_water.html# (Why do we cry/eyes water)
Follow Up Questions To Articles.pdf

Respiratory System

respiratory color sheet.pdf

Teeth and Soda Reading.pdf

Digestive System

digestive handout.pdf
See examples on the Health 11 Tab)
What is Crohn.pdf
Crohns Question.pdf
Review For Digestive Test.pdf

Endocrine System
Enjoy your (Hybrid) on-line time of school, it is a dream for most of you I know. Please do not forget that you may only use notes that are hand written... nothing that is printed off. (Do not forget to click on the "Disorders you need to know" found below) take notes on that as well. See you on Tuesday, and please behave. FYI if you lost your sheet, I have also posted it below for you.

Your Lecture for the Week (Be sure to listen to the links that are available and take general notes)

These two links are extra resources for understanding purposes
Endocrine glands and hormone list.pdf
Endocrine Reading.doc

The two links below are for Thursday and Friday's assignment (Done with Pen and Paper) The disorders you need to know are to be done on your notes to use for the test.

This is yet another resource to help you if you so choose
Endocrine Review.pdf

Nervous System

Gage reading.pdf
Gage Reading Questions.pdf

Ner System Review.pdf

Cardio Unit
Once you feel comfortable with the heart please follow the first link to complete the task. BE CAREFUL... you will have to read the information not just scroll through to complete the task. Once you have completed the task raise your hand to show me that you have indeed correctly identified all the parts of the heart.

http://depts.washington.edu/simplant/heartsmarts.htm Long! Go through all three stages
https://www.purposegames.com/game/the-heart-quiz Play against your neighbor

Blood Flow.pdf

Well I am gone. Please be great and we will start with Mental Health when I return. If you missed the explanation of what to do the link that the sub has is found below. Please hold on to everything except the test until Tuesday. Enjoy the movie, it is a good one, and we will be discussing it when I return. Please make sure to look over the questions so you can be part of the discussion. See you in a few days. Mr. Hak

End Of Quarter Project

Mental Health

http://richardstep.com/richardstep-strengths-weaknesses-aptitude-test/ (Find your Strength)

Support Reading.pdf

SMART Goal Setting.pdf
5 ways to train your brain wksht Achor.pdf


Welcome to HuHot.doc
Manchu wok[1].pdf
panera nutr-guide.pdf
Vitamin mineral chart.pdf
You Are What You Eat.doc


Alcohol Article.doc
Alcohol Article Question Set 1.doc
Alcohol Article Question Set 2.doc
BAC Questions.doc
Alcohol review.doc

Street Abuse Drugs

Sex Education

What Makes a Healthy Relationship.doc
Relationship Questions.doc
What is menstruation.doc